Vunerability Scanning

Cyber Security / Vunerability Scanning


Flatworldworks Vunerability Testing

FlatWorldWorks' vulnerability scanning service can highlight an organisation’s exposure to attack from the internet, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Vulnerability scanning is an inspection of the potential points of exploit on a computer or network to identify security holes. A Vulnerability scan detects and classifies system weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures.

Maintaining the security of publicly facing networks is challenging as network environments are constantly evolving. New vulnerabilities will emerge which may not be visible to security managers until it is too late. Don't get caught out! The purpose of FlatWorldWorks Vunerability Scanning is to provide consistent assurance on the security of your network and online infrastructure.

How it works?

FlatWorldWorks conducts vulnerability testing by separating the project into three phases:


Initial Analysis

During this phase, our highly skilled testers will analyse the application in order to understand the way in which it works.


Vulnerability Identification

The application is tested for vulnerability. Our testers will create a plan which will allow us to clearly discover and identify the vulnerabilities


Vulnerability Examination

Any vulnerabilities that were identified are then explored in order to assess the severity of the weakness.